Can Travel Agents Arrange Perth Escorts For Guided Tours?

Located in Western Australia, Perth can be considered a very unusual city. Isolated from the rest of Australia it is one of the most populated places in the entire state. Being right along the Swan River it is the perfect place to vacation to and catch a few sunrays. If you are planning a trip to Perth you can get the most out of your visit by getting a travel agent to set everything up for you in advance and making sure you have the best trip possible by hiring an escort to show you the best that Perth has to offer by taking you on a guided tour.

What Can A Travel Agent Do For Me?


On top of providing advice on travelling to Perth and the best things you should do travel agents can negotiate both your hotel and flight packages in order to help you find the best deals and save you some expenses. If you are travelling overseas to visit Perth then they can help you figure out the complicated things involved like visa or passport requirements. Travel agents have access to benefits that you wouldn’t be able to get any other way like free room upgrades, access to closed stores and/or exhibits, hard to get restaurant reservations and connections with Perth escorts that are more than happy to give you guided tours of the area.

What Can An Escort Do For Me?

Perth escorts act as tour guides that are very knowledgeable of the area and know about all the top places to visit that tourists may not know about. You can find self-employed escorts who offer tours of both popular travel destinations like parks or attractions as well as lesser known places to visit. You can also find escorts who are employed by companies that offer guided tours of the city. An escort will:

  • Make sure the group is safe during the entire tour
  • Plan out an itinerary for that day
  • Arrange transportation to and from your destination

When you are planning a trip to Perth you want to focus on getting there and actually enjoying your vacation not spending all of your time researching where to go, how to get there and other time consuming things. Let a travel agent plan out your vacation for you and you can rest assured that they will get you the best deal and the best escort to show you around.

Perth Sightseeing Hightlights

The beautiful city of Perth, located in Western Australia, is an excellent location to consider for your upcoming family vacation. Millions of travelers visit the area each year to view the sights and take in some local culture. If you are planning a family friendly vacation that offers a variety of activities for everyone to enjoy, you will want to check out the top Perth sightseeing locations to ensure that you get the most out of your experience. These tourist favorites include the Swan River, and the historical architecture of South Perth and Fremantle that dates back to the 1830’s. Perth offers a multitude of fun activities for tourists of all ages and will allow you to create long lasting memories that you and your family will cherish forever.

Visit the Old Mill in South Perth and Learn About Australia’s Architectural History


The Old Mill, also known as Shenton’s Mill was built in 1835, and has recently been restored to its original condition. It is one of the most popular historic landmarks in the area and one of the top recommended Perth sightseeing landmarks that no tourist should miss. The windmill was built by Paul and James Lockyer and operated at the time by William Steele. It was capable of producing up to 1,500 lbs of flour each day. The mill stopped operating in 1859 when it was no longer considered to be profitable. It was the colony’s first wind-powered mill and featured four common sails. Today the Old Mill is operated by the National Trust of Australia, and has been noted for being a permanent fixture on the local heritage registers due to its historical and architectural significance.

Take a Cruise Along Swan River While Staying in Perth

If you want to see the most remarkable sights in all of Perth, you need to take a cruise along the Swan River. A cruise generally takes around two and a half hours, and allows you to see the best sights this city has to offer. Sail past the beautiful homes and buildings in the area and relax as you cruise along the calm and peaceful waters. You will have a chance to view the historic Bell Tower, as well as King’s Park, and the Fremantle harbor. Other sights to view while visiting Swan River include the Royal Perth Yacht Club and the restored Swan Brewery.

Perth is a city that has something for everyone to enjoy. It is the ideal location for newlyweds, tourist groups, and families of all sizes. You are sure to find something for everyone in your family to appreciate and enjoy during your stay in this popular Australian town. Be sure to visit these and other popular Perth landmarks and take home the knowledge of Perth’s rich culture and historical beginnings.

The Very Best Hotels in Perth

When thinking about the ideal hotel some of the top things you look for are comfort, location and amenities. As one of the most remote cities in the world Perth can be overshadowed by its more popular siblings Sydney and Melbourne, but when it comes to popular tourist sites. It is off the beaten track but if you put in the effort to get there you will be strongly rewarded with some of the finest amenities in the world only found at the hotels in Perth. Here are a few of the very best hotels found in Perth.

Crown Metropol

Formerly the InterContinental Perth Burswood, the Crown Metropol is an unparalleled hotel experience with modern accommodations and a breathtaking view of the rolling hills of Perth. With furniture inspired by art-deco and a lounge area that has a huge range of reading material and dining spaces you can get lost in everything this hotel has to offer. Especially with complimentary access to features like its signature resort-style pool as well as ISIKA Perth, an amazing spa retreat for those looking to retreat from the stresses of everyday and restore peace and balance.

Rydges Perth


Located in the heart of Perth’s Central Business District, the Rydges is the ideal choice for those travelling for both business and leisure purposes. It is just a short walk to various boutiques, restaurants and theatres. Guests can experience luxurious bedding, ergonomic desks, LCD televisions, high-speed internet and a remarkable view of the city’s skyline. There are various levels of rooms offered and all club level rooms receive a social hour along with a continental breakfast, all while being 100% non-smoking.

The Duxton Hotel

If luxury is what you seek in a hotel look no further than the Duxton Hotel. Out of all the hotels in Perth you will be sure to find all the amenities you need here along with an exceptional staff available to serve you. All rooms boast full-sized baths, a mini bar and flat screen TVs. For those travelling for business reasons the Duxton Hotel is located within walking distance of the main business hub of the city. You can also take advantage of the complimentary chauffeurs available to take you to the business district in West Perth.

One of the most amazing things about Perth is that you don’t have to wander very far before you will stumble onto clean beaches surrounded by the Indian Ocean. Receiving over 3000 hours of sunlight every year it is the perfect place to work on your tan or improve your surfing skills. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and book yourself a stay at the very best Perth has to offer.

Dining in Perth: An Underrated Pleasure

With rich land and sea surrounding it, the gourmet food and drink options in Perth are endless. With regions like Fremantle producing seafood and Swan Valley producing gourmet goods like wine, Perth has long been underrated as the place to visit for a mind-blowing dining experience. Being home to one of the most diverse regions in the world you will find more restaurants per capita than any other city in Australia with most of the restaurants having been awarded for their commitment to delivering excellent food with exceptional service. Here are a few reasons why Perth is a haven for foodies everyone and should never be underestimated.

No matter what kind of food you’re craving you are sure to find it in Perth.

Whether you want to sit and dine in an elegant restaurant that overlooks the river or eat fish and chips at a pub while watching the sunset when dining in Perth you will find a variety of restaurant options just waiting to prepare your next meal. Because of all the different cultures that Perth houses you will be able to find options like Italian, Chinese, Greek, Turkish, French, Thai, Lebanese, Japanese, Mexican and more with one of the most common options being Seafood since it is caught fresh daily from the nearby Indian Ocean.

You can enjoy dinner out in the open instead of being restricted to the restaurant.

Since the weather is amazing almost all year round you will find tables and chairs spilling onto the sidewalk in order for patrons to be able to eat outside and enjoy both the weather and the stunning view of the city lights as they are reflected on the river.

Dining is not simply limited to eating.

Western Australia is home to nine wine regions and four of these wine regions are within an hour of Perth, each jam-packed with their own unique flavor and tasting and dining options. When you go on tasting tours you will find the perfect restaurants to pair with specific types of wine and find a number of boutique breweries to visit that have won numerous awards. The bar scene in Perth is just as equally impressive as the wine scene with options like a traditional, country pub or a more upscale, elegant bar that serves drinks from all around the world.

While it may not be shouted from the rooftop that dining in Perth is an experience that many people underrate, it is a well-known fact for both locals and visiting tourists that there is nothing like eating out in Perth.


Is The Perth Weather Different Than In The Rest Of Australia?

As the capital and largest city of Western Australia, Perth is the fourth most populated city in all of Australia. Located right on the Swan River the city is mostly made up of suburbs all along the sandy Swan Coastal Plain. It is placed so far away from the rest of Australia that at times it can be hard to remember that it is still a part of the same country with the nearest major city being Adelaide. A trip that would take over a day when driving non-stop. Australia is known for how all its cities seem to be bathed in sunshine making them the perfect destination for sun and beach lovers everywhere but with how isolated Perth is from other Australia cities some people wonder how Perth weather compares to the rest of Australia.

What is the weather in Perth Like?


For the most part the weather in Perth is very hot and sunny, with it receiving an average of 10 hours of sunshine a day during the summer and experiencing mild winters that boast clear, blue skies. But, the weather is not always sunshine and flowers here because Perth can experience some extreme weather patterns as well. With a history of high winds and certain areas being at risk of flooding it can be quite severe. On top of the intense weather that can occurit is also located near Australia’s most active earthquake zone.

How does the weather in Perth relate to the rest of Australia?

When compared to the rest of Australia, Perth has above average temperatures, rainfall and wind speeds. The amount of cloudy days and clear days rank below other cities. Perth experiences both a wet and dry season with the wet season beginning around May and ending in November. During this time the city receives around 740 mm of rain with the record of the wettest month being recoded in July where it received almost 300 mm of rain. During the dry season Perth receives less than 60 mm in rain, which spans from December to April. Like other Australian cities Perth is an extremely sunny city even when receiving lots of rain.

Because of its location and Perth weather habits in the past it was very difficult trying to get supplies to the city making it a more expensive place to live due to transporting expensesbut today, that has all changed thanks to Perth’s now thriving environment and fast growing economy due to the infinite amount of mineral resources it has now.